Canada Immigration lawyer helping with Ontario Immigration Nominee Program

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program is an immigration program for those people who have obtained a job offer in Ontario. This helps the employers find out skilled workers that they require.

According to this program, investors or employers will be able recruit and also retain people who are temporary residents or foreign nationals. In case, Ontario approves the submitted application then the person will be nominated for permanent residency. Applying for OINP takes a lot of effort and documentation which can be successfully done with the help of a Canada Immigration Lawyer. After being nominated, you will have to apply for permanent residency. There are different nominees who can apply for it.

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For General Category Nominee

In order to be eligible for the general category nominee, you need to meet the following criteria.

  • You should live in Canada with a legal status like having a proper work permit or you should live outside Canada.
  • Obtain a job offer in Ontario which has 0 skill type or is of A or B Skill Level on NOC or National Occupational Classification of Canada.
  • Having an employer who has been approved and pre-screened by Opportunities Ontario.

However, you need to keep in mind that in order to begin the process, you have to be nominated by the employer.

For International Students Nominee

In order to be eligible for the category of international students, you need to cater to the following norms.

  • Have a degree or a diploma from a Canadian University or college.
  • Possess a job offer from the Ontario employer having 0 Skill Type and should be of A or B Skill Level on National Occupational Classification of Canada.
  • Possess an employer which is approved and also pre-screened by the Opportunities Ontario.

The job offer you obtain need not be related to your field of study.

For PhD and Master’s Graduate Category

The International PhD graduate, as well as International Master’s Graduate do not have to obtain a job offer. In case, you are applying through these categories then there is not need for an employer. In order to be eligible under Master’s Graduate category you need to fulfill the following criteria.

  • You have to apply for it within two of completion of your master’s degree.
  • You should be residing in Ontario along with a legal status.
  • You should have lived in Ontario for cumulative years in the last two years and you need to have a plan to live and also work in Ontario in near future.
  • You need to be proficient in English and in French.
  • You shouldn’t have a plan of studying further in Ontario.

In order to be eligible under International PhD category, you need to cater to the following norms.

  • You need to apply for it within two years of earning the degree.
  • Possess a legal status in Canada.
  • Have a plan of living and working in Canada.

For Entrepreneur/Corporate Nominee

For corporate category, you will have to invest at least $5 million and offer permanent and full time positions to the citizens of Canada. The key stuff should be essential to business. For eligibility under entrepreneur stream, you will have to make an investment of $500,000. It should have at least two full time employments for the citizens of Canada. To know more, check this here.