Toronto DUI Lawyer Will Save You from Fake Breathalyzer Tests

Have you been falsely charged for a DUI? Sometimes, you will get to hear news of people being falsely framed with a fake Toronto DUI lawyerbreathalyzer report. If you feel that the report is a false, you can take legal help. In this kind of situations, you will need to get in touch with a Toronto DUI lawyer. The DUI attorney can easily help an accused to prove the accusations as false and they have been framed by others.

Is Hiring A DUI Attorney Necessary?

Most of you might be wondering whether there is any need to hire the services of a DUI attorney for fighting a DUI charge. If you are wondering there is no need to hire a DUI attorney as you can take care of the charge yourself, you are inviting danger. This is because criminal charges are complicated and one needs to know the law very well in order to fight the charges of DUI or any fake breathalyzer test. Only a reputed Toronto DUI lawyer has the required expertise and skills with which they can help clients to safely navigate through the complex DUI laws.

Fighting False Breathalyzer Test

Officers are always on the lookout for drivers who are driving under the influence. Once they find they pull the driver to the side and conduct breathalyzer test. The test can only provide proof against the presence of alcohol in the breath. The readings are not at all accepted in courts. However, a false positive can allow a law enforcement officer to charge and arrest the accused.

In case, you faced a false positive result in a breathalyzer test, arrest is mandatory. The arrest can be a great embarrassment. In order to avoid fake breathalyzer test and any kind of embarrassment, a Toronto DUI lawyer can be of great help. They can help drivers understand facts which prompt a false positive result in a breathalyzer test. They are:

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Calibration: Law enforcement officers are responsible for calibrating the breathalyzer equipment. They need to keep a log of breathalyzer calibration and also notes associated with it. For example, if the machine displays an error code. Failing to do this can lead to inaccurate reading.

Medication: Medications interfere with a portable breathalyzer and can cause false positive. In fact, medicines that contain alcohol when used inside the mouth can affect the accuracy of the test. In case you are having any kind of medication it should be known by the Toronto DUI lawyer. The lawyer can easily prove that the machine detected the medicine instead of blood alcohol. Hence, helping their clients face any serious consequences.

Fresh Breath: Washing the mouth with a mouthwash can result in a false positive. It happens because mouth wash contains some amount of alcohol content in them. In case if a client is stopped and asked to perform a breathalyzer test, one should not agree to it. However, the DUI attorney can challenge the result in court if the client was forced to give the test.

A skilled Toronto DUI lawyer can help clients from a false breathalyzer test. They will take proper steps so that the innocence of clients can be proved.